Monday, November 21, 2011

Last Race Of The Season

Now we have a long winter ahead of us until the first race next year in May. This season we joined the SCTA Club, 'Milers' and met lots of nice people, of course we gained lots of experience too. Our best official time was 116.345 MPH, we are pretty happy with the result, even though we had the potential to do better. After the '56 Triumph project, the racing bike "Kursed" will go through a complete rebuild including new design sheet metal components. The new 2012 Kursed V2 build will be published here after April, our goal is to have the total redesigned racing bike ready for Bonneville Speed Week August 2012.

Some pictures from our last race at El Mirage;

Woody's beautiful Harley-Aermacchi
Blessings from The Great Doug Robinson *insert epic conversation and music*

We loved this car, Captain Nemo would probably too

Aryan send me this picture, Thank you

Jay and Tim closing the season, ready to leave the lake bed  


BitMonkey said...

Looks like a good time.

A guy in my neck of the woods named Jim Brock built that Buick. I hadn't seen it since he reworked the front end. Big improvement.

You finish your racing season the same weekend I finally get my '51 Triumph running (I think we started building them at about the same time). I'm lame.

Moscow Point said...

Happy New Year from Moscow in 2012 ......

alp said...

Thanks Moscow Point,
Happy New Year to all!!

ATV Chain said...

Yes, i agree with you that Harley Aermacchi is the beautiful bike. Bikers can not face the controlling problem in this bike. The design of this bike is very nice.