Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 Race Goodies!!

2012 was ok. As usual we had many mechanical problems that held us from performing better. For this year we have gathered some vintage and a bit more radical race parts.
The record at Bonneville we are after is 124mph in the 650cc m/vintage fuel class and 127mph in the m/vintage gas class. We already went 123mph in 2012 so we are pretty close but its always the remaining few miles which are the most challenging ones. We hope these new parts will make us go faster.
Last year we used the aftermarket nos pistons 11-1 cr with the high dome (left side) but then i have found these original hepolites with the lower dome. I think the high dome creates some kind of turbulance and hinders efficient flame travel. It seems like the hepolites are close to 11-1 cr too, but they have a lower dome which will help with the flame travel.

Any info on these pistons? The # is E2931
Found a pair of late 60's beefy rods, the one
on the left is a p/u con-rod and is much
lighter but not as strong
Found these vintage Harman & Collins cams
they will be the brain of our race bike.

And last but not least a beautiful iron cylinder
head back from the stripper ready for rebuild.

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Tyler said...

You can dual plug your iron head.. I had Jay Strait of BriTech New England do mine, I think about $150, he has the jigs and everything ready to go. The 2nd plug in each cylinder will give more complete and faster combustion, and makes a real difference in these old hemi combustion chambers with high compression pistons. Also, check out MAP Cycles connecting rods, they have alloy ones and now new steel ones too that are very, very nice. Kyle snapped an OEM Triumph rod at Bonneville this last year, $300 for a set of beautiful MAP Cycle alloy rods is cheap insurance as your motor will cost much more to replace if or when a rod lets loose. See you in August!