Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jockey shift components in detail

*** OUT OF STOCK ***

Thanks for all your interest, I'll announce the new batch of shifters when available!


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All hardware is 18-8 Stainless Steel including the threaded rod shift linkage for higher Tensile Strength.

The entire jockey shift set up is designed to bolt onto any  Harley Sportster engine 1988-2003 without any permanent modifications. The position of the handle is adjustable, it can be moved from the front to the very rear.

 Precision hand made.


Anonymous said...


bobx said...

nice work.

alp said...

thanks guys,

Marmle said...

So whats this bad boy cost?

alp said...

Whip style shifter kit: $ 495.00 + $14.00 Shipping . . (This price is for raw finish, powder-coat/chrome is optional)
Includes all the components below:
• Main bracket
• Bearing
• Stick lower part
• Stick top part
• Threaded rod for shift knob
• Threaded rod for linkage (grade B8 stainless steel)
• Heim joints (2) for linkage (stainless steel, carbon-fiber race ball joint rod-end)
• Hardware, all 18-8 stainless steel: Button head socket allen bolts, nuts, lock/washers, required spacers
• XL clutch lever
• XL modified clutch lever housing
• Custom design clutch lever housing brackets
• Special length clutch cable
• Shifter Knob, Black DELUXE 8 Ball gear shift knob Ø 2.25" (factory made from a real 8-ball)

Anonymous said...

Dead sexy, that.

Anonymous said...

Awesome...! You make same style for soft tail Harley ?

Anonymous said...

could this be modified for 70s sporties? if so, how much work would be needed to do so? thanks

Anonymous said...

Got one that will fit my nightster lol WANT

Anonymous said...

How much to uk

Unknown said...

500 bucks really for what i dont think so i could build this for like 20 bucks and 10 for a shifter knob on flea bay